The Popularity Of Wooden Tubs

Wooden tubs have existed longer than either fiberglass or acrylic reinforced plastic tubs. During the 1970s, round wooden bath tubs had gained much popularity however in the late 1980s, spas entered the market and this caused the popularity of wood tubs to wan drastically. Although spas are equipped with numerous modern functions compared to wood tubs, wooden tubs represent nature’s beauty that is incomparable to none other. Many manufacturers have added a new taste to the modern wood tubs which comes with stunning designs giving your bathroom a rich and unique look.

Obviously, they are made of wood and the common types of woods used in its production include cedar and redwood. Wooden tubs are assembled using many vertical boards usually referred to as staves. These staves are bolted and binded in a particular angle to achieve a round shape giving them that wooden bucket like shape. Its flooring is made of wooden horizontal planks.

Wooden hot tubs are also available in amazing designs and in various shapes and sizes. They likewise come in different heating configurations which involve electric, propane, gas and wood fired hot tubs. These customized tubs are luxurious and can be well enjoyed during cold nights and winters. The fact that they can be placed outside, guarantees a sufficient supply of fresh air while you relax and enjoy a good time.

Wooden tubs come with a range of advantages when compared to plastic (acrylic) tubs. These benefits include:

1. They give out a wonderful aroma.
All hot tubs are meant to appeal to your sense and wooden tubs fulfil this when compared to plastic tubs by producing a sweet aromatic scent when wet or hot. On the other hand, only artificial and chemical aromas are exuded by plastic tubs.

2. They come with unique properties.
Both cedar and redwood have this unique feature whereby they tend to expand when wet and do not return back to their initial size when dry. This is quite essential to ensure that all seals and spaces are waterproof when the tubs are full.

3. They are good looking.
Nature has its own way of showcasing its beauty. Most lumber used to make the wooden tubs are rich in colour and grains. Combined with the master carpentry skills used by most manufacturers in designing these bathtubs, the end product will have a stunning natural look that will definitely look amazing in your bathroom or yard. The dark wood colours will help to improve your bathroom interior design as well.

4. Wooden tubs are durable.
Lumber used in the production of wood tubs is highly selected to offer maximum durability. Water does not relate well with wood but the durability and hardness properties offered by oak wood are incontestable and lead to long lasting products.

Surely wooden tubs are worth investing money on. However with the many suppliers available in the market today, you need to do your homework well and pick one which well suits your preference and budget. Do not hesitate to ask for recommendation from friends and also consulting professional suppliers.

Reducing Pain And Inflammation With Turmeric

Chances are that if you had curry before that you may already know exactly how turmeric tastes. But no matter if you like this dish or not, you should know that the main ingredient for making it is popular worldwide and not only does it give curry its specific taste, but it also has many health properties. In fact, it’s been used in traditional Asian medicine for a few millenniums, which certainly says a lot about its medicinal properties.

Should You Get It In Supplement Form?

If you’re thinking about taking a turmeric supplement on a daily basis starting today, then you’re doing yourself a very big favor. That is because all the health benefits you’ve heard turmeric has if ingested in its natural form are also found in these pills. However, you don’t need to worry about the fact you have no idea how to cook these food or that there are no Indian or Chinese restaurants in your area.

These supplements can be easily ordered online and since they’re made entirely in the USA, you can have the peace of mind they contain no binders, no fillers and are also GMO free. Given the fact they also contain bioperine, which greatly increases the absorption rate, by taking them you’re soon going to feel a lot more energetic and healthier.

Manage Inflammation

If you want to limit the inflammation in your body, then it’s a good idea that you consider adding more turmeric in your diet. Turmeric contain curcumin which is its main active ingredient that helps alleviate arthritis, but also inflammation and many other types of pain in the body in as little as 30 minutes. Just make sure you make a paste from the curcumin root and then apply it.

Use Turmeric In Your Diet

You can either choose to use dried or freshly ground turmeric and based on the form you’re going to use, you’re going to need different amounts of it. For instance, if you use it in its natural form (root), then 1” of it has the same effects as one tbsp of freshly grated turmeric. So how can you add it to your diet? Well, for example, you can add it to stews, curries, but also use it to make smoothies, use it on your omelet and so forth. Just make sure that you don’t use too much of it, since you may get diarrhea.